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Global search for Triller’s resident DJ with US$1,000,000 annual salary

With one announcement, the video-sharing social networking service has just changed DJ battles forever

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 14 Jul 2021

If you ever thought your DJ skills were worth a million dollars, now is the time to prove it. Triller, a video-sharing social networking app that is hell-bent on changing the game, has done just that with their brand new DJ competition where the winner receives a million US dollar salary annually as well as a residency for all Triller events.

Too good to be true? No way! Triller is backed by deep pockets and has recently bought the most amazing thing to come out of the pandemic besides vaccines - the Verzuz battle. Triller is also in the boxing game, hosting Mike Tyson against Roy Jones Jr. and a few Jake Paul events. Instead of just hosting boxing matches, Triller did what they call ‘four-quadrant’ entertainment by getting people from the internet, the sports world, and musicians together for these big shows. If people don’t like boxing, maybe they would still watch because The Weeknd or Doja Cat was performing a few songs or Snoop Dogg is doing the play by play.

For DJ battles like the DMCs, Red Bull 3style, and the Goldie Awards, this announcement is a total game changer. DJs are used to making videos to enter competitions. then battling a few rounds, and the winner gets a title of world champion which is very prestigious, but there is very little cash compensation. Of course, DJ rates go up and the gigs get better, but nothing like a US$1,000,000 cash prize annually. This. Changes. The. Game. Forever.

DJs have until August 7 to submit a five-minute mix on Triller and tag it #TrillerDJ. Of course, they want you to push and promote it the best ways you can. The videos will be judged on beat matching, phrasing, mixing, scratching, energy, music selection, overall performance, and turntablism. On August 8, 16 finalists will be chosen and put into brackets of four. These finalists will battle it out until four DJs are remaining. The final will battle it out on a live Verzuz.

16 DJs’ careers will skyrocket from the publicity and notoriety of this battle, and one will win an annual salary of US$1,000,000. This is big time for the DJ world.

If you think you have what it takes, get to practicing right now and go here to learn more.