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Japan claims top 2 spots in DMC World All Vinyl DJ Championships

Congratulations goes out to DJs Yukichi and Yamagami

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 12 Jul 2021

On Sunday July 11, the DMC World All Vinyl DJ Champion was crowned, and it’s DJ Yukichi from Japan. Runner up was DJ Yamagami from Japan, too. Rounding out the top three was DJ Traps from the US.

The DMC World DJ Championships have been around for 36 years and the list of winners is long and magnificent including DJ Cash Money, Qbert, Mixmaster Mike, Craze, A-Trak, Kentaro, Dopey, Vekked, Rena, and more. Putting DMC World DJ Champion next to a DJ’s name on a resume is a sure way of getting gigs and respect around the world.

Because of COVID-19, 2020’s DMC World DJ Championship was held online. Since the world is only partially coming back to life now, 2021’s DMC World DJ Championship is being held online, too. But this year’s event added a lot more categories. From DMC founder Tony Prince, “Rather than sink into the COVID shadows...the 2021 schedule will lead to new titles in many different formats with which we hope you can have creative fun, win prizes and titles and go on to conquer the world!”

The DMCs added championships in beat juggling and portablism to the competition. One category that DJs, especially Old School ones, had been clamoring for was using only records. This year, the DMCs introduced an all vinyl category and 42 contestants uploaded a two-minute routine to see who would make it to the elimination round. Judges Crazy B, DJ Slyce, Chmielix, Erick Jay, and Izoh whittled the contestants down to 11, and the elimination round was held yesterday. The results were Yukichi [Japan] as the champion, DJ Yamagami [Japan] in second, and DJ Traps [US] coming in third.

Watch the two-minute routines below and the elimination round here.