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Taiwanese DJs Afro, Mr. Skin, Mr. Gin & RayRay rap for Red Bull Orbit

The DJs step out of their comfort zone & create a dope cypher

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius [Photo Bei City Productions] | 8 Agu 2022

One of the skills that amazing DJs have to have is to be able to deal with things on the fly. A lot of times, equipment breaks, a wire is missing, or something doesn’t work, but the show must go on. So great DJs get out of their comfort zone a lot, and in turn, save the party from having no music.

Taiwanese DJs Afro, Mr. Skin, Mr. Gin, and RayRay are all highly skilled in their profession, but Red Bull gave them a call and said we want to film you NOT deejaying. Instead, we want you to rap for us over a beat by Tipsy. For Mr. Gin, this was an easy task as he has been rapping his whole life. For RayRay, she produces electronic songs by singing and rapping on the chorus. Mr. Skin loves a challenge, so he was up for it. Afro needed to be talked into it. Even though he’s the DJ for one of Taiwan’s biggest groups, MJ116, he rarely gets on the mic to rap. After some arm-twisting, Afro was in and did a decent job on his verse.

First up is Gin who sounds very natural on the beat as he shouts out his world champion DJ crew AKG. Skin is an entertainer through and through as he starts off by saying, “Chicken is Chicken/Fish is fish/Emperor Pheasant chirp chirp.” While that doesn’t really make sense in English, Skin’s swag plus Tipsy’s beat drop out make it sound dope. RayRay floats magically on the beat as she rhymes in English about her insomnia and chasing that mula. Afro raps proficiently, but it’s the end of the track when he gets Auto-Tuned that really stands out.

The whole Red Bull Orbit video, shot by Bei City Productions, is a one-take classic that shows getting out of the comfort zone is a great way to expand horizons.

Check out Red Bull Orbit DJ Cypher with RayRay, Mr. Gin, Mr. Skin, and Afro below.