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賴皮Mr. Skin beats Taiwan’s lockdown blues with mini-mix ‘內有熱狗’

Go deep into 賴皮Mr. Skin’s mind with MC HotDog ‘hosting’

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 27 May 2021

賴皮Mr. Skin has always done things his own way. From winning the Taiwan Red Bull 3style [TWO TIMES!], to having his own parties called Mandarin Homework where he and friends play only old Taiwanese and Chinese songs, to running TWO nightclubs in different cities [Cocco & Co. Taipei and Cocco & Co. Kaohsiung], Mr. Skin is definitely one of a kind.

With Taiwan currently experiencing a lockdown for the first time in the pandemic, Mr. Skin thought it would be the perfect time to do something he’s always wanted to do. “My girlfriend reminded me that I haven’t put out a mixtape in a long time and requested it. With the pandemic, I finally have some time to make it happen!”

Besides being a host on The Rap of China, MC HotDog is a Hip Hop icon in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. His song ‘我愛臺妹’ [Wo Ai Tai Mei translated means I Love Taiwan Girls] is still one of the most popular songs to sing at a KTV and it was released in 2007! 賴皮Mr. Skin had an older recording of MC HotDog on his computer, so he decided to do a live mix and throw the acapella over top like MC HotDog was hosting the mix.

“I already had the idea of having an MC throughout the mixtape before I actually produced it. I wanted it to be new and fun and cool! When I came across this old MC HotDog song, I decided it was best to break it down into a vocal that was like an MC host, and I really liked this execution. The result came out fantastic and I had a blast!,” Skin said.

Listen to 賴皮Mr. Skin’s mini-mix ‘內有熱狗’ below.