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LiFTED LOVE DROP starts June 20 with RayRay’s ‘Super Girl’

NFT-only single shows Taiwan’s Bass queen’s Hip Hop roots

LiFTED | Sean D | 20 Jun 2022


We’ve picked the artists, selected the original tracks, and are ready for our first-ever LiFTED Music NFT drop – The LiFTED LOVE DROP! We’re working closely with who only do Music NFTs – so we’re in good hands, and so will you be if you collect any of these unique tracks.

First up is Taiwan’s RayRay, who created a trap BANGER called ‘Super Girl’, and it will go live Monday, June 20 at 8 PM. The track features RayRay rhyming over her bass-laced Trap beat, and it’s a real head banger – and only available as an NFT! So you can own a unique piece of the track, and every NFT minted comes with a uniquely designed Metaboom boom box to play it on. Lucky buyers will also get a chance for a personal social media shout-out from RayRay or tickets to her Metaverse show.

Coming up on the 24 is Hong Kong Hip Hop Godfather MC Yan with his Dub Reggae track ‘Drones’

Also, on June 28 Mongolian Hip Hop queen Mrs M will debut her lost duet with GINJIN ‘Sunday’

All tracks only available as Music NFTs through the LiFTED LOVE DROP on

Check out a preview of RayRay's 'Super Girl' below.