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Mrs M inks a deal with Warner Music Asia’s Asiatic Records

The queen of Mongolian Hip Hop is making big moves

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 23 Mei 2022


With an expansive countryside and a relatively small population, Mongolia seems like it shouldn’t be a hotbed of Hip Hop. The truth is that Hip Hop has been going strong for more than two decades in the country that is between Russia and China. Over the last five years, one female rapper has been the talk of the whole country - Mrs M. Recently, Mrs M inked a deal with Asiatic Records to be a flagship artist. She is the first Mongolian artist to sign with a major label.

Mrs M said, “I’m so happy to join Warner Music and release my songs on Asiatic Records. Mongolia has always had a great Hip Hop scene. It’s a small country, but I believe our music can connect with a much wider audience. Although Genghis Khan lived over 800 years ago, we Mongolians still wear his legacy with pride, and to this date he is a national icon of inspiration and hope for us; hence we are all children of Khan.”

‘Daughter of Khan’ is Mrs M’s latest single and it racked up one million views in a week. It was also part of Asiatic.wav Volume 1 playlist. In the video, Mrs M big-ups all the females who are Mongolian icons. In the past, Mrs M has worked with notable New York City producer Harry Fraud, who has made a lot of hits with Benny The Butcher, French Montana, Jack Harlow, and Wiz Khalifa.