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Jessi parts with P NATION

The Korean rapper said she’s not done yet

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 7 Jul 2022

In January of 2019, Jessi signed with P NATION, PSY’s label. After releasing some of the hottest songs in Asian Hip Hop like ‘What Type of X’ and ‘Cold Blooded,’ P NATION came out and said that she is no longer under contract with the promotional company. They put out a press release that said, “We inform you that our exclusive contract with Jessi recently expired. Being with P NATION since the beginning until now as P NATION’s first artist, Jessi has secured her position as an artist who is loved by more fans through her warm passion and endless efforts. That process and her achievements became positive and enjoyable sources of motivation for every member of P NATION. We will continue to cheer on Jessi’s future path as an artist, and we will continuously support her diverse activities. We thank the many fans who cherish Jessi, and we ask that you continue to send warm encouragement and support.”

Many fans were in shock since Jessi is one of the most popular female Korean rappers. They thought maybe her career was finished. Fortunately, Jessi took to Instagram to let people know that this was just a blip on the radar and she’s let everyone know what’s happening real soon. Her reply said, “I understand people can make assumptions right now based on my current situation… But the truth shall reveal itself in a matter of time. Please give me some to collect my thoughts and breathe a bit. [I haven’t rested since 2005] but one thing for sure is that this GIRL is NOT retiring. I’m only getting started. Thank you Jebbies for your unconditional love and support. And lastly, love you P NATION for life.”

Stay tuned to LiFTED for any updates on what Jessi will be doing next.