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The CSC 2023 Cypher takes it back to the streets

With a 14-minute running time and 17 MCs & producers, the latest cypher goes hard

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 10 Mei 2023

When people think about Chinese Rap, the first place they think of is Chengdu. This is mainly because that’s the home of the Higher Brothers, but also because it feels like the spiritual home of Chinese Rap.

Another city that has made its mark in Chinese Hip Hop is Changsha. Because most of the people in the capital of Hunan speak New Xiang, a lot of the rappers from this region do as well. That brings us to the 2017 CSC Cypher, which did big numbers online, really put the city on the map, and had a lot of people going crazy.

It’s been six years, but the CSC Cypher is back and it’s harder than ever. With a lineup of 17 MCs & producers competing for the title of who is the dopest, the CSC Cyper is 14 minutes of Chinese Hip Hop madness. The exciting thing is the video is cut into four parts with a few beat switches in there for extra sauciness.

KEY.L gets things going right off the bat, and it’s easy to see that he takes his anger out in his rhymes. With about a minute and 30 seconds of hardcore rhymes, KEY.L is taking it back to the streets for sure.

To start part 2 off, YEE, with matching hair color and gloves, drops some hot bars. JIO steps in next as a smooth operator and is flexing with his gold watch and puffy vest. SIO starts off his part in acapella, and it’s especially nice when the beat comes back in. At the end of part 2, the chorus kicks back in and the crew repeats, “We don’t give a F. We don’t give a F.”

KyraZilver changes it all up. She starts part 3 by taking down the testosterone and singing. The Drill beat drops in and she showcases her bars with ease. Keep an eye on Kyra for sure. 100MUDA jumps in after and has a sing-song flow which is killing it everywhere right now. Visattacking goes into double time and the cypher is better for it. Ranzer keeps his balaclava for added dopeness.

D-SHINE is making sure everyone knows who he is with pink and blonde hair while rolling up to the cypher on a two-wheeled scooter. If that wasn’t enough, he’s got an umbrella twirling around his whole verse and his leather jacket has a horse tail. His verse is smooth and leads into CLEAR’s raps, which are hyper. The final rapper is Kung-Fu Pen and he finishes it off smoothly with precise raps and he shows why a lot of time the MVPs go last.

Overall, the CSC Cypher is very strong, well-produced, and interesting. Sometimes, too many chefs can spoil the soup, but not here. You can drag the cursor anywhere on this cypher and a dope MC will be dropping rhymes.

Check out the CSC 2023 Cypher below.