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Fabulous foursome: F.Hero, VannDa, 1MILL & Sprite definitely ‘Run the Town’

“Always bangin’ never bored”

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 25 Apr 2022

Sometimes there are combinations of artists that go together perfectly. ‘Run the Town,’ a track from Thailand’s F.Hero and Cambodia’s VannDa featuring 1MILL and Sprite is just that. On paper, it looks like it should work. But when the song and video are finally released, it’s even better than imagined.

The beat produced by NINO and VannDa goes hard straight from the start. Sprite’s Auto-Tuned vocals for the hook kick things off and warm the party up. Then it’s F.Hero’s turn and all hell breaks loose. His grimy baritone voice starts off in a whisper and then gets up to a yell during his bars and I don’t think anyone wants to be on his bad since because it’s not going to end up well for them. F.Hero is so good that he even flips into double-time during the verse just to flex.

After another hook from Sprite, a ski-masked up 1MILL is ready to go. The beat flips and he’s got an extra horn section packing some punches. A few screams from F.Hero switch the whole thing into VannDa’s part. He’s got a brand new beat to go along with his fly fur coat in front of an extended limo. The beat switches are tight and are reminiscent of ‘Sicko Mode’ where it shouldn’t make sense, but it just does. VannDa’s rapping is understated and almost quiet compared to the others, but it’s right for this moment. Throw in some motorcycles doing wheelies, barking dogs on steel leashes, and rooftop shots overlooking the city and it’s almost the Asian version of a Ruff Ryders video.

In just two days, ‘Run the Town’ has amassed two million views so it’s a viral hit right off the bat. It’s also got that energy that will be the final song of a night at a show and leave the fans wanting more and more.

Check out F.Hero and VannDa’s ‘Run the Town’ featuring 1MILL and Sprite below.