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The Next 5: Bryn

“Music makes me what I am now”

LiFTED | LiFTED Staff | 25 Jul 2022

BRYN has risen up quickly in the crowded Korean Hip Hop landscape. The 24-year-old made some big waves on the 2019 version of the hit TV series Show Me the Money and hasn’t looked back since. She’s had some solo gems like ‘Veteran’ [featuring Paloalto, JUSTHIS, Leellamarz & Verbal Jint] and ‘Lilly,’ which showcased her singing and rapping skills. And she turned some blistering bars on the recent RAMENGVRL remix for ‘Ain’t No MFer’ along with stars pH-1 and Ash-B.

So BRYN has paid some dues and is poised to break out this year. She has a sweet voice and writes very hooky singing parts, to go with her strong bilingual rhyme flow. She’s young and hungry and is probably one hit away from blowing up in the Korean Hip Hop game. Not coming out of a girl group also sets her apart in South Korea. She’s just rhyming and grinding and LiFTED hopes that with Jagermeister, we can help her to make some serious noise this year.


You’ve been selected by LiFTED and Jagermeister as one of The Next 5 Asian artists to break out this year. How does that feel?

I feel so grateful to have been selected because I thought only Korean people were aware of my music. When I found out that LiFTED had covered me, I was happy that I could be a part of it.

As part of The Next 5, you’ll receive a Creative Grant to help you push forward in your career. What will you spend the money on?

I will use the money to rent studio time or buy some plugins I need for creating music. I’m not sure exactly, but it’ll help for a variety of things and I will use it well.

Tell us about your local Hip Hop scene and how you plan to make moves in ’22-’23?

The Korean Hip Hop scene is getting bigger and better. I will release some new singles this year with videos included. In '23 I plan to release an LP, and it will be my first, as I’ve never released an album before.

At LiFTED we’re all about cross-border collaboration and linking the Asian Hip Hop scenes together. Jagermeister has a similar vision, representing each of these vibrant markets across Asia. What is your vision for yourself in the Asian Hip Hop game?

I’m really all about the music. I’m a Hip Hop artist who makes music. I know I can rise up in my scene and also the wider Asian market if I focus on the essence. I owe my career to this culture, and music makes me what I am now. It’s a bit obvious but yeah, my vision in this game is just to make good music.

What are you working on RIGHT NOW?

Now, I’m working on my new single. When it comes out, I hope everyone likes it.