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Baauer recruits South Korean rapper Omega Sapien for ‘DDOKBOKKI’

How much chaos can be created in two and a half minutes?

LiFTED | Zita Chan | 25 Mar 2021

Fresh off a Grammy nomination, Baauer comes ready to shake whatever-the-hell floors people are dancing on right now with a bit of help from South Korean rapper Omega Sapien in ‘DDOKBOKKI.’

Remember ‘Harlem Shake?’

The year was 2013 and people started going nuts on the internet by uploading videos of themselves and their friends going for it...going for it...and then BOOOM...Harlem Shake took over the world. Offices did it. Bars did it. Friends did it. It was fun at the time and is a much better old meme than Salt Bae, but since then, Baauer has been trying to change the perception of him as a one meme wonder. Unfortunately, his sounds still sound like ‘Harlem Shake.’

Last year, Baauer’s album Planet’s Mad depicted Earth in its chaotic last moments. With rave drums battering down and interplanetary guitar sounds, many were surprised Planet’s Mad got nominated because a lot of the songs sounded like ‘Harlem Shake.’

Baauer didn’t win the Grammy, but he has kept up the same spirit with ‘DDOKBOKKI.’ Through DMs, Omega Sapien and Baauer formed a partnership and they really went for itt. Piercing 808s, sword sounds, whips, serial killer laughs, birds chirping, and big tribal drums make ‘DDOKBOKKI’ feel like a roller coaster ride that won’t let you off. It’s bombastic. It’s total anarchy. Is it Hip Hop from the year 2055, or is it just another song that sounds a lot like ‘Harlem Shake?’