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Low G doesn’t want to be bothered in ‘Không Thèm’

The Vietnamese MC shows he’s smooth but brazen

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 24 Aug 2022

The one thing that makes Low G stand out is that he’s original. With millions of rappers over the last 50 years, it’s hard to be something that hasn’t been done. But Low G does this with ease as he has a very distinct flow as well as his own style. A lot of rappers are derivatives or Travis Scott or Post Malone, but Low G stands on his own two feet.

In his latest release ‘Không Thèm,’ Low G doesn’t really want to be bothered by others, which is the loose English translation of the title. He keeps to himself and does what he likes, which is smoking cigars on yachts on Hạ Long Bay or dissing fake poets who think they are profound and interesting.

In the video for ‘Không Thèm,’ Low G’s creativity is shining through. Even though he’s releasing a lot of material, none of it is ever similar. The video is basically a lyric video, but it’s put together so well that it needs to be rewatched a few times just to get all the cool things that are happening.

Check out Low G’s ‘Không Thèm’ below.