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THE LiFTED 50 Number 7: Youngohm

Thailand’s Youngohm is a brave superstar

LiFTED | LiFTED Staff | 20 Jun 2022

If this was a contest for the best mullet in all of Asian Hip Hop, Youngohm would not be number one; he’d be number one, two, three, four, and five. The 23-year-old rapper came out of nowhere to do really well on Rap is Now season two in 2016. Since then, he’s been an unstoppable force in Thai Hip Hop.


In 2017, Youngohm got his first million views on YouTube with ‘Choey Moey,’ and he hasn’t looked back since. Now, his videos rake in hundreds of millions of views with ‘Doo White’ getting 246 million and ‘Thararat’ getting 243 million.

Youngohm is also unafraid of speaking his opinion in a place where that could land him in hot water. He put out ‘บางกอก เลกาซี่ [Bangkok Legacy]’ which went after the Thai government being unable to tell the truth about protests in 1976. He and MILLI [number 11] bravely put out ‘THE FUTURE IS,’ and showed how much they really care about their own country. Each of these videos could make him public enemy number one at a time when the tensions between the Thai government and its citizens are close to boiling over.

What sets Youngohm mullet and shoulders above everyone else is his live show. He takes chances and remixes his songs acoustically. He plays with live bands which brings a real different feeling to Hip Hop shows. Around the New Year, he put out ‘Bangkok Legacy The Live Performance’ and went for it. There are cranes, burnt-out buses, violin players, a neon-colored tasseled leather jacket, fireworks, and more. The whole show is spectacular, and Youngohm is the only one on this LiFTED 50 list that could have done it.