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YOUNGOHM releases the incredible BANGKOK LEGACY The Live Performance

Four awe-inspiring live videos have been put up on YouTube so far

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 10 Jan 2022

It’s 2022, and YOUNGOHM is on a mission to separate himself from the pack of amazing MCs that Thailand has to offer. Starting on New Year’s Eve, he released four videos of his live performance at BANGKOK LEGACY and they are stunning.

The mulleted MC from the Already Deadd crew had quite a 2021. He kept it street with 'คืนยัง,’ as well as getting political by himself with ‘บางกอก เลกาซี่’ and with MILLI on ‘อนาคตคือ.’ To start off 2022 properly, he’s got a full band and a DJ for a live performance called BANGKOK LEGACY.

The first video that was released was ‘เรื่องราวความรักในตำนาน,’ and it’s easy to tell this isn’t going to be a normal Hip Hop show when he rides up to the outdoor stage on motorcycles with his dancers. The disco vibe provided by his 15-piece band and DJ with the industrial backdrop of cranes is smile-inducing because of the dancer interludes and the bongo breaks.

Released on January 3, YOUNGOHM’s ‘ไฟเย็น’ is the centerpiece of this masterful live show. It’s slow. It’s a bit sad. It has a saxophone and xylophone break. It shows YOUNGOHM’s softer side, which is what separates him from all the other rappers in Thailand. Plus, there are lots of fireworks in this one, which makes it feel like a concert.

Over the weekend, YOUNGOHM released two more songs from his concert, ‘แสงไฟ in the city’ and ‘MOM I'M SORRY 2559.’ Dressed in a dapper pink suit, YOUNGOHM goes full-on rock star in these with a ballad and a rocker. He’s never far from the people as the background of this show is two taxis and a pink bus that matches his suit. The special thing about this background is that both the taxis and the bus have gardens in and on top of them. This points to the rooftop gardens that taxi and bus drivers have been doing for survival since there are no tourists in Thailand.

With the imaginative production of BANGKOK LEGACY, YOUNGOHM shows that in 2022, he’s not just a rapper anymore, he’s a full-fledged superstar.