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NAFLA in hot water over God of Military Service Exemptions scandal

The rapper didn’t show up for his social work for 141 days

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 16 Mar 2023

South Korean Hip Hop star NAFLA is on trial for avoiding mandatory military service. The Show Me the Money 777 winner is being made an example of because if BTS can’t get out of military service, no one can.

NAFLA’s story is unique, but also very similar to others with money. To get out of his active duty mandatory military service, NAFLA claimed to have depression. In the Korean Military, if this happens, people get sent to social services and still put in work. The problem lies here. In court this week, it came out that NAFLA didn’t show up for work for 141 days. These were recorded as sick days because the rapper said his depression was worsening. Two officials from this office were arrested for falsely writing the daily service reports since they had no medical proof that his condition was getting worse.

All signs in this scandal point back to an agent named Goo, who called himself the God of Military Service Exemptions. After Goo was arrested and charged, 137 others were prosecuted for avoiding mandatory military service. This includes doctors who would often give fake epilepsy diagnoses that would help athletes and other well-off kids be declared unfit for service.

Will NAFLA ever be able to recover from this? Hip Hop is a very forgiving society, and doing bad things like selling drugs and beating people up is part of it, so gaming the system is not the end of the world. But on the other hand, Korea is a very unforgiving society where doing something against the country is really looked down upon. Only time will tell what the final result in NAFLA’s case is and if he’s able to continue on as a superstar.