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Korean rapper NAFLA under investigation for avoiding military service

This is not the first time that the Korean MC has been in trouble with the law

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 3 Feb 2023

The cold, hard truth is that no matter how important mandatory military service is to a country, 18- to 25-year-olds hate it with a passion. They believe it is a waste of time, and as a matter of fact, they will do anything to get out of it. Because this hatred is so widespread, there are services that help celebrities, athletes, or young men from wealthy families fake their health records to get exemptions.

Korean rapper NAFLA, who won Show Me the Money season 777, is now caught up in a scandal using a broker to get him out of military service. Since early January, the Korean authorities have been investigating these large-scale broker organizations, and it seems that NAFLA has been working as a social worker instead of being on active duty. Because families pay a lot of money to these brokers, this scandal is blowing up in Korea. Most likely, the authorities want to make an example out of him publicly so that others don’t follow suit.

NAFLA has already had two run-ins with the law for smoking marijuana. He was first busted smoking with Loopy and other MKIT RAIN labelmates leaving the studio. The second time he got in trouble for weed, the rapper claimed to use it to treat depression and panic disorder.

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