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DISTORTED brings the vibes with ‘BUSSDOWN’

SINO, BALO & ENEYEQAY have a very interesting sound on their hands

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 24 Jun 2024

A year ago, Skrillex, Fred Again.., and Flowdan released ‘Rumble’ and it made dance floors quake with its plethora of interesting sounds, squelchy basslines, and otherworldly vocals. Chase & Status followed a few months later with their own Drum & Bass masher, ‘Baddadan,’ again with Flowdan taking the beat apart and just smashing it. Since then, a deep Baritone growl has been one of the most wanted sounds in Grime and UKG tracks.

In Malaysia, a new group called DISTORTED with members SINO, BALO, and ENEYEQAY, as well as Joek, have a very interesting sound on their hands with the just-released ‘BUSSDOWN.’ The song starts off with that heavy, Baritone voice on the chorus over a beat that has a sprinkle of House, UKG, and Bass House in it. All three MCs go to town, even as the beat switches down to Trap during BALO’s verse, and then SINO comes in and takes over and very smoothly says, “I’m on the floor and watching the door” as the four-on-the-floor beat kicks back in.

In the video, DISTORTED kidnaps a videographer, and the crew goes on a blurry joyride. They rhyme and race around town all at the same speed, then they let the cameraman go after he provides them with a dope edit of what they did.

While DISTORTED in new, they are blasting out of the gate with some fire. We hope they keep it up.

Check out DISTORTED with Joek in ‘BUSSDOWN’ below.