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Code Rider & MDDM reunite to take in the old & new Chiang Mai in ‘CNX’

Temples & weed farms tell the tale

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 14 Feb 2024

‘CNX’ is the three-letter code for the airport in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and it’s also the name of Thai rapper Code Rider and Israeli-born Taiwan-based MC MDDM’s new track. On the song, produced by France’s Bluzz LeBleu, both rappers expound on their love for Chiang Mai, a city in Thailand that often gets overlooked because of the madness of Bangkok and the beauty of the islands.

Code Rider is from Chiang Mai, so when he and MDDM linked up, they got to tour around the town. With shots from tranquil Doi Suthep to the crazy scenes inside the infamous red taxis, ‘CNX’ captures the city’s authenticity and flair.

That’s not all Chiang Mai is, though. There is a newly cultivated cannabis culture as the two rappers spend time inspecting the MCM Cannabis farm and checking out what’s for sale at Kratom & Weed420cnx store.

In ‘CNX,’ MDDM and Code Rider weave a lyrical tale that celebrates both the old and the new Chiang Mai.

Check out Code Rider and MDDM’s ‘CNX’ below.