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The LiFTED 50 Number 9: Thaitanium

Thailand's OGs made a triumphant return to the scene over the last 12 months

LiFTED | admin1 | 18 Jul 2023

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The smiles were broad on all of the members of Thaitanium’s faces as they were asked if they were happy about Hip Hop becoming so huge in Thailand over the past 23 years right before they went onstage at the biggest Hip Hop concert in Asian history, Rolling Loud. DaBoyWay, Thaitanium’s defacto leader, replied, “Hell yeah we are happy! Hip Hop did this! But also we just got smoked out so…”

That is the realness of Thaitanium on full display as they made a huge comeback in 2022 and 2023 with ‘Por Meung,’ where they showed out on the new MCs, they dissed themselves on ‘F. THAITAY,’ and even remixed their biggest hit into a Twerk anthem on ‘TA LUENG BABY.’ DaBoyWay also released ‘Cake Diet,’ a high-BPM banger that shakes the crowds wherever they go.

Thaitanium has gone through a few line-ups over the years, but the crew that is there now with Way, Day, Khan, Big Calo, DJAYBUDDAH, and close friends like DJ ONO who put in a lot of work for Rolling Loud, is eager to put on the younger generation of MCs who are hungry with Def Jam Thailand while they age gracefully with big smiles on their faces knowing how they set the Thai Hip Hop machine in motion.