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Masia One celebrates International Women’s Day by dropping ‘Vulva Vocabulary’

There is also a limited-edition NFT drop to help communities facing period poverty

LiFTED | Marcus Auelius | 9 Mar 2022


A few weeks ago, Masia One put the call out to her friends and family on social media for their nicknames of female genitalia. What she came up with is now her latest single, ‘Vulva Vocabulary,’ released on March 8 to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Clam. Coochie. Vajayjay.

In ‘Vulva Vocabulary,’ Masia encourages women to treat one of their most neglected body parts like their best friend. She also wants to break taboos and ‘have tea’ with the parts of women that they feel the most self-conscious about.

Kitty. Vag. Female flower. Punanny.

In the video, directed by Yvonne Chong and Masia, the protagonist finds a vulva doll in the garbage, cleans it up a bit, and takes it everywhere she goes. The two new BFFs are in the park, at the gym, in the pool, at a birthday party, and even getting loose at a jam session. Masia rocks her vag with a badge of honor and really wants other ladies to do the same.

Pum pum. Ravioli. Chichi. Nay nay. Banana split.

Since Masia lives on the cutting edge of technology, she’s got some ‘Vulva Vocabulary’ NFTs to mint, too. Partial proceeds from each of the 15 limited-edition NFTs will be donated to groups helping period poverty like the Malaysia Women’s Marathon and DoctorsOnGround, a group that gets healthcare to marginalized groups in Malaysia.

Check out Masia One’s ‘Vulva Vocabulary’ below and get her NFTs here.