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Take a dark trip to Tokyo’s abandoned streets with Yurufuwa Gang’s ‘Ying Yang’

Let NENE and Ryugo be your guides to the underbelly of Japan

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 17 Sep 2021

The first minute and 15 seconds of Yurufuwa Gang’s ‘Ying Yang’ has NENE and Ryugo spray painting a yin and yang symbol on a sheet. To be honest, it’s not that exciting, the graffiti is not that good, and by 45 seconds in, viewers are wondering what the hell is going on here.

BUT, people keep watching the cool kids. NENE is wearing a skimpy-casual bikini jean shorts combo that is good to look at. Ryugo is ruggedly handsome while smoking cigarettes in a wife-beater and a Slim Shady dye job. It is hard to take your eyes off of Yurufuwa Gang.

And then the music kicks in.

While Yurufuwa Gang might seem like uber-hipsters on the scene, that’s only until the beat drops. Within seconds, the spooky strings and crisp drums of ‘Ying Yang’ make it clear that Yurufuwa Gang is hard AF and they know it.

NENE’s got verse one and her flow is chilling, like realizing you’ve taken the wrong turn and now you are deep in the part of Tokyo that you probably shouldn’t be in this late and you can’t figure out how to get out. Ryugo is the follow-up verse and he is the perfect yang to NENE’s yin. He might smoke you out on this street, but he also might not let you leave.

The video captures the essence of ‘Ying Yang’ completely. Yurufuwa Gang wiles out in the streets and does what they want all night long. They will come into your empty club and jump around for fun and then leave just like that.

NENE and Ryugo are more than just fashionistas/influencers/models gone wild as Yurufuwa Gang. They are the real deal here with something special on ‘Ying Yang.’

Check out Yurufuwa Gang’s ‘Ying Yang’ below.