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Big weekend in Shanghai for B-boys & B-girls

The Olympic Qualifier Series is a festival that celebrates breaking, skating, climbing & BMX

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 14 May 2024

This weekend, May 16 to 19, is a huge weekend for B-boys and B-girls with dreams of gold medals at the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics. The Olympic Qualifier Series [OQS] lands in Shanghai, China as the first part of the two-part festival-style series that has big implications for anyone who is involved with breaking, skateboarding, BMX freestyle, or sport climbing.

The idea to create a mini-festival around the people who want to go to the Olympics and have the qualifiers in front of roaring crowds of fans is genius. This creates a tense atmosphere, like the one that many of these athletes will have to deal with at the Olympics. There will be music, art, and fashion so that everyone gets the full festival feel.

For B-boys and B-girls, there are 40 invited competitors for 14 spots available at the OQS, seven for men and seven for women. If people don’t qualify in Shanghai this weekend, they have one last chance from June 20 to 23 in Budapest. Getting a golden ticket this weekend takes a lot of stress away as this is going to be the toughest competition anyone has ever faced.

Check out the details of the OQS for more information here.