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Yung Raja & Strange Alias don’t need external validation on ‘Too Dope’

The artists are independently releasing this warm-weather jam

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 7 Mar 2024

‘Too Dope’ is the first time Yung Raja and Strange Alias have been on a record together, but it's definitely not the first time they’ve worked together. Both artists are longtime collaborators under Strange Alias’ A&R and Producer identity ‘Flightsch,’ which helped out on Raja’s ‘Spice Boy’ and Jimmy Fallon’s favorite, ‘MAMI.’

Now, the two Hip Hop heavyweights are coming out of their self-imposed exile to independently release ‘Too Dope,’ an upbeat spring jam that should be warming up with the weather. Yung Raja said this about the song in a press release, “This is what it feels like to live your best life after the sacrifices you’ve made to move towards a place in life where you can embrace what you’ve always wanted. This song represents for me the feeling of enjoyment after you’ve paid your dues and slogged your way through to arrive."

Strange Alias adds to Raja’s words, “This song is just about being completely honest and bold enough to be politically wrong or impolite. Sometimes it’s okay to validate yourself without the need for external validation.”

Check out Yung Raja and Strange Alias’ ‘Too Dope’ below.