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Yayoi Daimon goes soulful with Afrobeats track ‘Chill Like A Midnight’

Korean MC Reddy stops by to drop a guest verse

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 30 Sep 2021

Yayoi Daimon has had a productive 2021, to say the least. She’s joined Pyra and Ramengvrl to smack around those who only like Asian women for their race in ‘Yellow Fever.’ She released her feminist dancehall anthem ‘Top Gyal,' which got everybody moving. And now for part three, Yayoi is putting out ‘Chill Like A Midnight,’ a smooth and soulful slow burn with some Afrobeats percussive elements thrown in. She also gets a guest verse from Korean MC Reddy, which is like the desert on top of a perfectly executed meal.

While Yayoi is known for her party tracks, she also likes to show her softer sides occasionally. With ‘Chill Like A Midnight,’ she focuses on her songwriting and vocals. It’s a beautiful departure that has an emotional touch that a lot of songs are lacking nowadays. Reddy’s verse is a complimentary touch, adding just a little Hip Hop to break the monotony.

2021 has not only meant good music with a wide variety of styles from Yoyoi. It’s the first time she’s been independent with her music, which gives her the determination to do a party track, a Dancehall track, and an Afrobeats song all within a few months of each other.

Check out Yayoi Daimon’s ‘Chill Like A Midnight’ below.