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XG’s MAYA & HARVEY jack the beat of ‘Two Tens’ & show out

The fly track is filled with 90’s references

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 4 Jun 2023

XG might be one of the most popular J-pop groups in the world, but the members are killing it when it comes to cypher skills. Back in November of last year, LiFTED covered ‘XG Tape #2’ when all four members bounced on various beats from Hip Hop artists ranging from J.I.D to Ty Dolla $ign. Now, two XG members, MAYA & HARVEY, jumped on Anderson .Paak and Corde’s ‘Two Tens’ instrumental and the results are phenomenal on ‘XG Tape #3-A.’

“XG pushin’ XP/Breaking boundaries/Hit different/Build different/New Breed” floats HARVEY in the first few bars of the song and it’s clear that she didn’t come to play. She keeps up her dope style as she shouts out Freeway, Bone Thugs N Harmony, J.Cole, ‘93 til Infinity,’ and more. When MAYA gets on, her flow is tight as well. They both even start to rap in double time in English and Japanese and it’s mind-melting.

What we are seeing in front of our eyes is that instead of just singing and dancing, these K and J-pop stars are learning how to rap, how to take beats and make them their own, and how to float between languages easily. It feels like the time when everyone skateboarded goofy foot or regular stance for a long time, and then everyone just started learning tricks both ways. An MC coming up might be good, but only being able to rap in one language might be a hindrance in the near future.

Check out MAYA & HARVEY’s ‘XG Tape #3-A’ below.