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Xenon Phoenix dedicates ‘Yesterday’ to lost loved ones

Jennifer Rahba is the Yin to Xenon’s Yang

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 3 Jan 2022

Straight outta Siliguri, India at the foot of the Himalayas, Xenon Phoenix has been making his own kind of Hip Hop since 2014. Last week, he released ‘Yesterday,’ a song dedicated to the loss of loved ones over the past two years.

‘Yesterday’ is a collab with Guwahati singer and songwriter Jennifer Rabha and produced by Jaipur-based Kris Kaop. The song is very personal for Xenon because he lost his dog, Julia, over the past year. In the video, which is a pimped-out 3D lyric video, an animated version of Xenon can be seen walking his dog with a small but shining halo over her head.

The track begins with a motivational talk by Xenon, “You know/As they say/In the End/It’s all you who you got.” Once the beat drops, you know it hits. Xenon’s deep baritone voice pulls you in and then Jennifer Rabha’s sweet singing gives the song breathing room. They trade lines on two verses and then it’s done in three minutes and some change.

Xenon Phoenix has a style all his own and uses it powerfully in ‘Yesterday.’

Check out Xenon Phoenix and Jennifer Rahba in ‘Yesterday’ below.