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WILYWNKA attacks the day with ‘PUSH ‘N’ PUSH’

This track from the Osakan MC gets the blood pumping

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 28 Mar 2024

WILYWNKA is a Japanese rapper from Osaka who rose to prominence back in 2020. He’s also part of the three-man crew, HENTAI SHINSHI CLUB with VIGORMAN and Geg, who have released hits like ‘YOKAZE’ and ‘GOOD and BAD.’ The trio have seemingly gone on a hiatus as a group, but are still actively dropping tracks as solo artists.

WILYWNKA most recently released ‘PUSH ‘N’ PUSH’ on March 19, and it’s a three-minute heater. It’s also the theme song for the Japanese TBS Television’s KASSO, which ran on March 18 and 25, and showcased Japanese skateboarders going all out. Onepercent is the label the track was released on also posted Instagram videos of skateboarders doing tricks with the track playing in the background.

WILYWNKA goes hard on ‘PUSH ‘N’ PUSH,’ dropping his bars in a fiery and assertive fashion. It’s the sort of track that could rile one up, giving that extra motivation to just go out and do it. Whether that’s through sports like skateboarding or just simply attacking the day. The general theme is get out there and ‘PUSH ‘N’ PUSH.’

Check out WILYWNKA’s ‘PUSH ‘N’ PUSH’ below.