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Twopee pens an ode to his Trap roots on ‘HA HA HA’

It’s the latest single off his album 2Many Nights in BKK

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 5 Dec 2023

Marking eight years since his debut, Thai MC Twopee Southside isn’t one to shy away from revisiting the influences that brought him to where he is today. His latest single ‘HA HA HA’, off his newest album, 2Many Nights in BKK, is one such offering as it pays homage to the early 2010s Trap music that helped turn the genre into a worldwide sensation.

'HA HA HA' takes listeners on a journey through the gritty beats and unfiltered lyricism reminiscent of Waka Flocka Flame and Chief Keef, providing a nostalgic nod to the genre's formative years. Twopee's adept fusion of tradition and contemporary elements showcases his evolution as an artist who respects his roots while pushing creative boundaries.

Revered in Thailand's music scene for his roles as a rapper, producer, and actor, the track also positions Twopee as a bridge between the past and present of Trap music. As 'HA HA HA' reverberates through speakers, it invites listeners to appreciate the evolution of a seasoned artist who continues to shape and redefine the soundscape.

Accompanying the release is a music video shot in an abandoned shipping yard, a fitting backdrop for the raw authenticity of the track. Surrounded by his crew, Twopee delivers his verses with an unpretentious energy, capturing the essence of Bangkok's vibrant Trap scene.

Watch Twopee’s ‘HA HA HA’ below.