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Tu$ Brother$ give it to us ‘RAW’ on new single

Simply headbanging won’t be enough to contain the energy of this song

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 13 Nov 2023

Fresh off their collaborative EP with Yung Bawal and members of the Bawal Clan called ‘Bawal Tus’, Tu$ Brother$ keep their hot streak of 2023 releases with the electrifying ‘RAW’ – their ninth release of the year.

Hailing from Rizal, Philippines, the Rap duo have made a name for themselves in the local underground scene through their incomparable energy. ‘RAW’ is only a glimpse of it, but this track alone would be enough to convert anyone who has an inkling of interest into the manic charisma that is Tu$ Brother$.

Produced by Noy Gaspan, ‘RAW’ sees both Al Tus & Rudyrude trade bars over a single verse as they one-up each other with venomous lyricism. The sinister beat only adds to the duo’s menacing performance – and coming in at only 2 minutes, it’s only right to just instantly run the track back.

‘RAW’ also comes with a music video which is composed of clips of riots and mosh pits. A fitting visual to the audio chaos that Tu$ Brother$ bring to the table.

Check out the video for Tu$ Brother$’ ‘RAW’ below.