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The Rap of China 2024 will be holding global auditions

iQIYI’s expansion to North America is in its third year

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 29 Aug 2023

iQIYI’s The Rap of China is having a banner year, and even though the show is getting close to picking a winner for 2023, it is already letting people know that it’s going big for the next season by looking for talent from around the world in 2024.

This year’s The Rap of China has come with a lot of surprises including E.So and MC Jin doing a song together that really touched the hearts of many. ShiGGa Shay and Jay Park were also guests. The finals are happening these next few weeks and whoever wins will have a big name in the Asian Hip Hop community.

At the Toronto Fan Festival over the weekend, iQIYI celebrated its third anniversary in the North American market, and it delivered a big announcement. For the next installment of The Rap of China 2024, fans from around the world, not just the Asian region, can audition for the program. This means that Mandarin speakers worldwide have a chance to have their careers boosted by being on the program, not to mention if they actually get far along in the process.

Anyone who wants to find out more information about these global auditions can check out the iQIYI website here.