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ShiGGA Shay joins E.So on iQiyi's The Rap of China for ‘BO BEH ZAO’

The 2 MCs have been friends since 2015

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 27 Jun 2023

Each week on The Rap of China 2023, the stakes are getting higher and the challenges are becoming bigger. On these Rap reality shows, contestants need to battle each other, learn some choreography, or even grab a superstar to do a song with them. This season, The Rap of China is in all-star mode, so it comes as no surprise when the big guns come out.

Just a month ago, Taiwanese rapper E.So of MJ116 fame did a song with MC Jin and it brought the house down as Jin rapped in perfect Mandarin. In this week’s episode, E.So’s special guest was the Lion City’s ShiGGa Shay. The two performed ‘BO BEH ZAO,’ which in Hokkien means ‘no horse run’ which is a euphemism for the pursuit of excellence. The track will be out in September as a single, so the audience at The Rap of China got a special preview.

The two rappers have known each other since 2015 when MJ116 toured Singapore and it wasn’t until 2021 that they decided to record a collab, produced by JBMADEIT, along with GeeMarr and superjdoug. E.So said of the track in a press release, “While we have known each other for a long while, we have just kept in touch via social media, supporting each other’s career moves. I’ve always respected ShiGGa Shay for his sound and how he pushes the Hip Hop culture in Southeast Asia. I felt that the Chinese audience should be exposed to his talent and am glad that I have this platform to introduce him to them.”

Check out E.So and ShiGGa Shay performing BO BEH ZAO’ below.