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Thaiboy Digital drops romantic visuals for ‘I Go I Go’

Take a trip with the Thai rapper across the color spectrum

LiFTED | Winston West | 16 Jun 2021

Drain Gang affiliate Thaiboy Digital is back with another video of spaced-out visuals to add to his collection. The video breathes new life into his single ‘I Go I Go,’ released in July 2020.

Part animation and part raw Thai wilderness, ‘I Go I Go’ offers a range of visual pleasures like video game-esque islands and castles, neon jets flying in sequence, sunsets across the Thai horizon, sparklers, candy-coated castles, and even the artist’s wife sitting on a swing and strolling through a flower patch. Thaiboy Digital himself appears in the wilderness scene as well in a close-up frame, flexing his vocals as spectral colors change around him.

The outro goes full-on Sailor Moon, with two neon-lit angels finding each other on a lake in front of a castle as a gigantic moon sits in the background. Their wings disappear, they both become golden and float away towards the moon together as a comet circles around.

Check out Thaiboy Digital’s ‘I Go I Go’ below.