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Ted Park, Xansei & Villain get Winamp skinned for ‘Backseat’

The video looks back at a time before iPods & streaming

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 8 Sep 2022

Winamp. Napster. Kazaa. Soulseek.

In the early 2000s, these names meant a great deal to many people because it was the only way they could get this brand new format of music, the MP3. This was a time that became like the wild, wild west in that music was freed from its CD format, played on computers, and it didn’t cost a thing. This caused a huge breakdown in the music industry and things would never be the same.

The iPod and streaming music changed it all [mostly] for the better, but Ted Park, Xansei, and Villain’s latest video, ‘Backseat,’ looks like it was made for the Winamp skin users. The Winamp played these brand new MP3s, plus it had a lot of control of the music so users could add more bass or take away some treble. The coolest thing, though, was the Winamp skin personalized your music. It could be a big green head with the settings popping out of the sides of the head or the skin that had eyeballs instead of controls.

In ‘Backseat,’ nearly every scene is a modern-day Winamp skin, with the crew of MCs rapping and singing in the middle. The neon inflections in video arcades, down alleys, and in front of hypercolor palm trees brings back the days of Nokias, Motorolas, and The Sims with a modern twist.

Check out Ted Park, Xansei, and Villain in ‘Backseat’ below.