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Technics release 50th-anniversary limited edition colors for turntables

You’ve always wanted a gold tonearm, right?

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 7 Apr 2022

Since 1972, Technics has been the industry standard for turntables that DJs can rely on. When a club only uses CDJs for three years, but a visiting DJ needs to rock the ones and twos, just go to the back of the closet to fetch the Technics and they will still work perfectly [as long as they’ve been stored properly]. When people want to forget about the here-today-gone-tomorrow world of deejaying with a controller, they grab a pair of Technics and throw down an amazing set of vinyl to show the young kids how to DJ.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Technics has seen how good doing different colorways has been for the sneaker world, so now they are releasing their trusty black SL-1200 in six other colors - red, green, blue, white, yellow, beige. All of the new Technic Sl-1200M7Ls will come with a golden tonearm usually reserved for world champion turntablists. Each color has a special badge inscribed with a serial number. While the black, white, and beige turntables have been out before, the new vibrant colors are stunning to those who love the Technics brand.

The direct drive is the key to what makes these turntables have high reliability. The slow-moving motor directly drives the platter to achieve rotation accuracy as well as powerful torque. This means DJs can push the platter forward and backward while scratching and beat juggling, and it will continue moving forward at the perfect speeds. For the SL-1200M7Ls, the torque has been optimized with rotor magnets becoming the smoothest turntable ever released.

The S-shaped tonearm, which will be gold on all of the new SL-1200M7Ls, has high precision bearings and tracks to the grooves in records to eliminate skipping and jumping, even when DJs are scratching. The stylus illuminator is now a long-life LED bulb, and the rubber feet are even better at shutting out external vibrations. Overall, Technics has taken what all DJs love about 1200s and improved on it with modern technology, and added a few splashy colors, to make the 50th anniversary a grand celebration of a great product.

The Technics SL-1200M7Ls cost US$1,099 and are available for preorder at Stoyko here.