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Stoyko launches battery-powered portable turntable & mixer for 2022

The Holy Grail for diggers is now available to anyone…for a price

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 30 Dec 2021

For many years and to the dismay of many record store owners, diggers would buy a Columbia GP3 Portable Turntable and set up camp in a record store for hours. This legendary portable turntable from Columbia Japan was very compact and was powered by batteries, so diggers could sift through unknown records looking for loops, beats, breaks, and samples on their headphones plugged into the device. This way, they didn’t spend their hard-earned cash on throw-away records and instead, could find the real gems in the back bins of the store.

For 2022, the Columbia GP3 Portable Turntable has been revamped into a DJ set up by STOKYO, a Japanese DJ equipment retailer. Now, instead of using it only to dig for records, two of the toy-like turntables can be set up with a mixer in the middle. DJs can play sets on 45s or 12-inch records without the problem of finding power. The cool thing about this setup is that it also has speakers built into the turntables, so speakers are also not needed. Both a power line and RCA cable plug-ins are available for use if batteries run out or bigger speakers are needed.

The setup is available for pre-order on Turntable Lab for a little over US$600 here.