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RuShfunk is the Japanese mother-daughter DJ team competing for the DMC World Team Championship

Anything can happen when competitors get behind the decks

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 6 Nov 2021

As Hip Hop edges towards a half-century of existence, the first and second generation of Hip Hop lovers have had kids. With that, people who have had a deep passion for rapping, breakdancing, MCing, or DJing [or fashion], are passing on that desire to their young ones. What better way to spend some bonding time with your kid than teaching your 10-year-old some power moves? How about spending some father-son time freestyling on the mic?

In Japan, Hip Hop has been a way of life since the early days and DJing needs to be top-notch there or people will get booed off the stage. Enter DJ Reiko who has been scratching and juggling records for a long time, and has a list of accomplishments to prove it. In 2018, she won the IDA Japan Technical category. In that same year, she came in third overall in the IDA Japan championships. In 2020, she was back with a third-place finish in the IDA Japan show category.

This year, DJ Reiko has enlisted her daughter, DJ Sora, as her tag-team partner, in the battle for the 2021 DMC World DJ Team Championship. Not only is this special because this is one of the toughest categories, but also because this is the first time ever that a mother-daughter team has competed in this category. While competition is always tough at the DMCs, RuShfunk’s competitors are fellow Japanese ID283, Ireland’s Galway Lords, Spiral Legacy from France, Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Scratchers from the US, and the mysterious BREXecutioners from England [who are most likely DJ Angelo and DJ JFB].

The finals will be held on November 6 at 7 pm [GMT] to find a winner. RuShfunk is already a winner since they are breaking down barriers by being included in the 2021 DMC World DJ Team Championship.

Check out RuShufunk’s elimination video below.