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Art, skateboarding & basketball intersect at the Singapore Sports Hub

The Festival of Basketball featured Alvin Tan

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 25 Apr 2024

Kids, athletes, and people in general need a place where they can feel at home while getting some much-needed exercise. The Singapore Sports Hub [SSH] is just that as the venue has a plethora of sports as well as concerts and other events that are perfect for all-ages enjoyment.

Recently, SSH partnered up with Hypebeast and created The Festival of Basketball with acclaimed local artist Alvin Tan. Here, a basketball court, some skate ramps, and a high jump wall were all decorated by the unique artist. It showed how SSH could be a living exhibit at the intersection of skateboarding, basketball, and art.

While most skaters don’t want basketball players to be shooting threes on their halfpipes, and basketball players don’t want skaters kickflipping under their rims, The Festival of Basketball brought these two groups together to highlight how communities in Singapore are different but still share the same spaces happily.

By blurring the lines between art and sports, the Singapore Sports Hub is revolutionizing the way people look at both.

Check out Alvin Tan here and the video about The Festival of Basketball below.