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Kid Trunks has been having a really bad time recently

The MC who calls himself the best Asian rapper alive just got shot in the face

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 24 Mar 2022

Being a gangster in the Hip Hop world ain’t easy and Kid Trunks is finding this out the hard way. The member of XXXtention’s extended crew Members Only has had a lot of bad luck recently.

First, Kid Trunks had to deny that he was dead, as social media was abuzz that he had passed away. He claimed that someone hacked his account and started spreading these lies. Just as the rumors were getting cleared up, he went in for a check-up on COVID-19 and the doctor’s found he had chest cancer.

Now, Kid Trunks posted a picture so graphic it is censored on Instagram of what looks like a big gash on his throat. He alludes that he got shot and needs his fans’ thoughts and prayers. He then goes on to tell people to move ‘accordingly and militantly.’ Then he also asks his fans to stay safe and be dangerous at the same time.

He posted "Almost died 2 times and it’s only been 3 months of 2022” as a warning for everyone. We hope that Kid Trunks can go back to trying to be the best Asian rapper alive and get away from the gangster things that have taken away so many young rappers over the past few years.

Check out Kid Trunk’s last album, Moon, below.