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Asian artist x Western rapper = hot flames

With the Jay Park & Wiz Khalifa collab out today, we look back at some previous Asian x Western fire collabs

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 18 Nov 2021

The Asian Hip Hop world is abuzz with the brand new collab between Jay Park and Wiz Khalifa, ‘Break Your Heart’ because it’s JAY PARK and WIZ KHALIFA! Who doesn’t want to hear a collab from these megastars in their field? As a tribute, we look back at some mega- and non-mega collabs between Asian artists and Western rappers and see how they stack up today.

Jay Park x Wiz Khalifa ‘Break Your Heart’

A pretty nice R&B/Hip Hop jam with two of the biggest stars of their respective genres.

Rich Brian x Rick Ross x DJ Snake ‘Run It’

There are a few superheroes that really thrived in 2021, and Rich Brian is one of them. From being the first Asian artist to have 10 million monthly streams on Spotify to headlining 88rising’s Head in the Clouds festival just a few weeks ago, Rich Brian was it. But both of those two mega-accomplishments actually pale in comparison to having the lead single off the biggest movie of the year, Marvel’s Shang-Chi & the Legend of 10 Rings. Not only that but ‘Run It’ features The Teflon Don Rick Ross AND was produced by DJ Snake. Rich Brian has really outdone himself in 2021.

Dwagie x Nas ‘Refuse to Listen’

Dwagie has also had a stellar year as the head MTV’s The Rappers, which really blew up in Taiwan. In this song from seven years ago, Dwagie goes up against a Hellboy/Godzilla-like creature in the video, but it does feature a pretty tight verse from Nas, who is another MC that had a top-shelf 2021.

Jackson Wang x Gucci Mane ‘Different Game’

Three years ago, Jackson Wang went to the trap, and it might be the only time he was there as now he’s running his supergroup, PANTHEPACK, and they are floating above everyone. Jackson’s verse here is pretty tight and he even flips it to double time a bit. Big Guap and Jackson meet at a private airport for the video shoot at sunset for Gucci’s part and it’s definitely respectable.

王以太 x Mike Rebel x T-Pain ‘Paint Me in God’

Mike Rebel’s ‘Paint Me in God’ got a remix featuring T-Pain and Wang Yi Tai in 2019 off of Vibe presents: Urban Asia Volume 2, b2 Music’s collab with Vibe magazine. The song is a great look inward for anyone who has been judged by their appearance or by how much money they have.

Akshay Kumar x Snoop Dogg ‘Singh is King’

There was a time before Snoop settled into his Uncle Snoop personality that he would do nearly anything for a bag. ‘Singh is King’ is definitely from that time period 12 years ago. Snoop doesn’t even really rap. Instead, he gives Akshay Kumar an intro, an outro, and a few small dance steps here and there. With 8.5 million views, it was probably worth it for the Indian MC.

Keith Ape x Rich Brian x XXXTention ‘Gospel’

A smirk crosses my face thinking about the time when someone types in gospel in YouTube and they end up getting this banger produced by RonnyJ. With Keith Ape’s all-around madness and XXXTention’s wicked flow, this four-year-old song slaps today.

Higher Brothers x Famous Dex ‘Made in China’

This was a lot of people’s introduction to the Higher Brothers, who go deep in the collabs with artists like Denzel Curry, Schoolboy Q, J.I.D., Rich Brian, Soulja Boy, and Ski Mask the Slump God. Stacking on features like this it’s no wonder why their tours in the US were always sold out.


A friend once said that getting a Snoop concert is always worth it because he attracts all generations of people to sell out shows. The same might be said about guest verses. In SƠN TÙNG M-TP’s Hip Pop track, Snoop shows up, drops eight bars, stops by the video shoot for a quick minute, and is out. With 241 million views, both parties have to be satisfied.

BewhY x Talib Kweli ‘International Wave’

Going a little deeper to the Brooklyn to South Korea underground connection, ‘International Wave’ has a sunshine-in-November vibe that puts a smile on your face. Talib really shows why he’s a great MC in this one.

G-Dragon x Missy Elliot ‘Nilliria’

G-Dragon not only features her in the song, but he brings her AND HER DANCERS out for a concert, which is one of the biggest flexes on here. The song is perfectly Missy as she raps, spits ad-libs, and is generally having a good time.