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Shigga Shay sells out 999 Spacebars NFT in 4 minutes

The Singaporean rapper thinks the possibilities are endless with NFTs

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 15 Apr 2022

Shigga Shay is a dope artist. He’s been doing his thing with music for a while in Singapore by doing collabs with Jay Park, dreaming of utopias, and doing some live shows now that they are allowed again. The thing about being an artist is that art is always changing.

Web3, the Metaverse, and NFTs are going crazy, and Shigga Shay is at the forefront of all of this. On April 13, Shigga put a series of 999 NFTs for US$40 online called Spacebars. Within four minutes, all the NFTs sold out! To calculate, that’s a profit of almost US$10,000 per minute. That’s roughly about what one million Spotify streams would make.

It’s easy to see why musicians are jumping in head first into the NFT game. Selling songs is tough work. There is a lot of blood, sweat, and tears put into things that have been rendered low-value by streaming services. NFTs are new and fresh and exciting. Selling them at the right price can produce a nice payday.

Shigga said about the experience, "NFTs are going to change everything about the way the world works. I'm just excited to be exploring the possibilities of how NFTs will change the music industry. The countless opportunities it creates for artists and musicians are remarkable. It's an amazing tool to build community engagement, to reach and connect with your audience like never before."