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ShiGGa Shay shows his true COLORS on ‘Rainy Days 下雨天’

The first Singaporean featured on COLORSXSTUDIOS has his umbrella ready

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 10 Apr 2023

COLORS, a German music performance platform created by COLORSXSTUDIOS has been showing a lot of love to Asian Hip Hop and R&B in 2023. Over the past three months, they have curated a stellar lineup from our Asian shores to showcase their talents to the world.

We’ve seen the likes of India’s Jitwam, Malaysia’s Lunadira, Vietnam’s Low G and Suboi, and Thailand’s Flower.far take center stage on COLORS, and now it’s Singapore’s ShiGGa Shay’s turn to shine. On April 7, the German platform released the Singaporean MC’s performance of ‘Rainy Days 下雨天’ on their YouTube channel.

On it, ShiGGa Shay taps into his multilingual flow of Hokkien, a Chinese dialect, Mandarin, and English. That has always been ShiGGa Shay’s approach when it comes to dropping his bars, and it also represents the unique culture with regard to languages in Singapore.

With four official languages in the city-state, you’re exposed to different ways of conversing every day. And even if you don’t speak the specific dialect or language, it’ll always sound familiar and natural.

On an Instagram post, ShiGGa Shay described the feeling of being featured on COLORS as a dream come true and he, “Never thought there would come a day where [He’d] be able to perform in Mandarin & Hokkien on COLORS.”

The overall performance from the Singaporean MC gives us a deeper look into his career as journeys through his bars touching on the struggles he faced, loneliness, and how “the rain [can] wash away [the] pain.”

Check out the full performance down below.