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The collab between Taiwan & Malaysia is strong

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 18 Nov 2022

DATO’ MAW and BG8LOCC have been friends for ages. Four years ago, the Malaysian MC and Taiwanese MC released ‘FUCKED UP,’ and now that the pandemic is over [-ish], the artists are back keeping it 100 in ‘REALTALKREAL,’ their latest song released on November 6.

DATO’ MAW has been doing his thing in Malaysia bringing shine to Cina Rap, where artists appropriate Malaysian Chinese slang instead of just rapping in Malay. BG8LOCC is one of the realest in Taiwan who has been on MTV’s The Rappers as well as guest starring on 6yi7’s ‘Auntie, I Don’t Want to Hip Hop Anymore,’ where he’s looking for sugar mamas. While both DATO’ MAW and BG8LOCC’s styles are a bit different, it's easy to see how they gel together.

DATO’ MAW and BG8LOCC’s ‘REALTALKREAL’ is an underground heater produced by Saucie J & Marcc. The strings are outstanding to start as they invoke behind the temple G shit. DATO’ MAW is a real MC and he goes hard each time out. His verse here floats through Malaysian Chinese and English with ease as he goes in deep about his life. BG8LOCC starts off his verse with the words, “Don’t hate me,” and flows hard on this. Their Rap styles are a lot alike, but different enough to mesh well together.

Dato' & BG8LOCC

In the video, it’s easy to see that these two old friends are having fun together. While the song is serious, there are a lot of smiles, dancing, and showboating in and on cars. Borders in both countries have just opened up, so it’s great to see the collabs happening again.

DATO’ MAW and BG8LOCC are more alike than different, and they both keep it real in ‘REALTALKREAL.’

Check out DATO’ MAW and BG8LOCC’s ‘REALTALKREAL’ below.