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QQ Music's Rapper Alliance concert tour with Pharaoh, Masiwei, & Bridge starts selling tickets

After a hiatus because of COVID-19, Chinese Hip Hop concerts are back

LiFTED | Leah Liu | 30 Mar 2021

As a result of COVID-19, Chinese Hip Hop live shows have experienced a lengthy hiatus. To rectify the situation, QQ Music hosted a concert tour called Rapper Alliance in China in January of 2021. That went well, so tickets for a bigger concert tour are now on sale. This means that live Chinese Hip Hop concerts are completely back.

The Rapper Alliance concert tour takes three famous Chinese rappers, Pharaoh, Masiwei, and Bridge, and also invites some other rappers as concert guests. The tour will take place on April 8, 18 and 22.

Pharaoh, the king of Chinese hardcore rap, will perfrom the first show in Shanghai. He started making music in the mid-2000s and gained recognition during a huge beef between rappers from Mainland China and Taiwan in 2007.

The second performance will be on April 18, and Bridge will go back to his hometown, Chongqing, to play the show. He’s a member of Chongqing-based GO$H rap crew and made the final eight of Chinese Hip Hop reality show Rap of China.

The last person to take the stage is one of the biggest names in Chinese Hip Hop, Masiwei. He will collaborate with Chinese talented producer and rapper, DP Longzhu, to give his fans an exciting performance.

While we aren’t finished with the pandemic yet, having rap tours again is a sure sign that things are returning to some kind of normal.