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Vietnamese rapper Pháo makes Vinahouse hot on collab with Tyga

The TikTok smash hit ‘2 Phút Hơn’ gets a guest verse from the platinum-selling rapper

LiFTED | Ciaran Dwyer | 30 Jul 2021

If you’re at all active on the social media platform TikTok, or if any of the people around you are, then you’ve probably heard the smash hit ‘2 Phút Hơn’ by the Vietnamese rapper Pháo. If you don’t recognize the name of the song, don’t stress, you’re obviously not the only one, as it topped the list of most Shazamed songs at one point. Now, that hit is getting a remake, featuring a verse from American rapper Tyga. The new release is titled ‘2 Phút Hơn [Make It Hot] - KAIZ Remix’ and was released on Spinnin’ Records.

‘2 Phút Hơn’ originally came out in 2020 and was more rap-oriented, before it got a remix by the producer KAIZ. KAIZ added a Vinahouse beat - a distinct and super popular style in Vietnamese bars and clubs - and the song exploded in popularity. That remix has accrued nearly 200 million views on YouTube alone. The remix was eventually legitimized even further by being picked up by the Dutch electronic music label Spinnin’ Records.

As the song spread around the world, it got the attention of Tyga, who reached out to Pháo to collaborate on the track. So ‘2 Phút Hơn’ got yet another remix, with verses from Tyga added in [bringing us to three versions, if you’re counting with us].

The video for the track is pretty wild, with Tron-like neon visuals. Pháo appears as a singing face on a car bumper. Tyga raps over a featureless man doing the twist. At this point it doesn’t seem worth attempting to describe. Just take a look for yourself.

Check out Pháo and Tyga on ‘2 Phút Hơn [Make It Hot] - KAIZ Remix’ below.