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Battle rapper Pat Stay fatally stabbed in Canada

The MC was known as the Sucka Free Boss

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 6 Sep 2022

Battle rapper Pat Stay was stabbed to death in Nova Scotia on Sunday, September 4. Police were called to downtown Halifax and found the victim with multiple stab wounds. Stay was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. The death has been ruled a homicide.

Pat Stay was a huge deal in the battle rap scene. His battles were so vicious that Eminem paid his respects on Twitter.

Drake also chimed in when he posted a picture to his Instagram stories and said "RIP to the Sucka Free Boss one of my fav rappers ever."

The 36-year-old was a father of two and remembered as a gentle giant who had Hip Hop running through his veins. Stay released a song on Friday, September 2 on YouTube. This song was dissing The Game for dissing Eminem on his song ‘The Black Slim Shady.’

Eerily, last week Pat Stay posted “Imagine if we treated all of our friends and loved ones as if we knew their days were numbered” on his Instagram.

RIP Pat Stay.