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Higher Brothers’ Melo reemerges & tag-teams ‘STAND AT EASE’ with MaSiWei

This is the first single from Melo’s upcoming LIFE IS A MOVIE album

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 4 Jun 2024

When you are a Higher Brother, you are a Higher Brother for life. But sometimes it’s hard when you are standing in the shadow of three of Asian Hip Hop’s biggest names MaSiWei, KnowKnow, and Psy.P. Yesterday, Melo released the MaSiWei-assisted ‘STAND AT EASE,’ a melodic tag team that doubles as his first single from his upcoming LIFE IS A MOVIE album.

Melo has been uncommonly quiet over the past few years as he’s watched his brothers get their time to shine in the spotlight. MaSiWei has been touring around the globe and becoming bigger and bigger every year. KnowKnow has been putting out a lot of songs and getting a lot of love for them. Psy.P has been doing his own thing and it has been working out really well. But Melo has been in the background and only popping up on occasions, like assisting on MaSiWei’s ‘ABCDEFG.’

2024 is Melo season as he starts off the push with ‘STAND AT EASE.’ Like the tight perm Melo is rocking in the video, his lyrics are tight and meaningful. Instead of just going verse for verse, when he’s matched with MaSiWei, half of the Higher Brothers go back and forth like a modern-day Run DMC or Asia’s version of the Migos without the ad-libs.

This track is so good that there will be a lot of voices screaming for a full Higher Brothers reunion. Whether it’s an album or a headlining slot at Head in the Clouds or something at Coachella, ‘STAND AT EASE’ feels like a dope teaser for something big.

Check out Melo’s ‘STAND AT EASE’ featuring MaSiWei below.