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JMSG & SKLR collab on new album LEELEE

The Korean and Japanese MCs also invite some guests to their party

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 9 Aug 2021

Once JMSG and SKLR started working on a track, they realized that they meshed very well together. They called on talented beatmaker PakkunBeatz for some music and the result is the nine-track LEELEE. The MCs flow in English, Korean, and Japanese, and have invited a few friends to guest on tracks like Futuristic Swaver, ACE COOL, RIHTO, Northfacegawd, and MC Samehada.

The visuals for ‘Juicy Summer’ are extremely low-fi, but yet perfectly suited for the bouncy track. Both JMSG and SKLR look like they are working at a local TV station that doesn’t have a high budget for its production. The MCs drop hot verses, but it’s Futuristic Swaver’s third verse that really hits home as he raps about Hip Hop staples like LSD, percocets, and twerking. Another standout track is NIKEEE Remix which is an ode to sneakers like Onitsuka Tigers and Adidas.

Overall, JMSG and SKLR were right. This album is a cohesive body of work that showcases each other’s skill while letting both rappers get some shine. LEELEE will definitely be stimulating a lot of ears in 2021.

Check out JMSG and SKLR's LEELEE below.