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Malaysian rapper MeerFly pulls a footy heist in music video for ‘Lai Lah’

The multi-lingual Trap banger also features Caprice & Cherry

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 20 May 2021

MeerFly has been hustling ever since his debut in 2018. The Malaysian rapper has racked up over 100 million views on his YouTube channel, and recently teamed up with Caprice and Cherry for his latest single ‘Lai Lah’.

Calling it a hype song, MeerFly explained on his YouTube page, “My goal for ‘Lai Lah,’ I want this song to reach somebody out there, when they need an energetic boost to face their day. It’s about facing, and not running. LAI LAH. Never run from obstacles and challenges.”

The ambitious video starts off with a bird’s eye shot capturing a troop of kitted out luxury cars driving into a stadium. MeerFly then appears in a soccer uni, spitting bars and firing up his squad. Featured artists Caprice and Cherry appear in this dream as teammate and cheerleader. Dreadlocked Caprice drops his bars in English and Malay while making it rain with a Supreme Cash Shooter. Cherry leads a sexy cheerleading team to distract their opponents, while spitting her verse in Mandarin and Malay. Ultimately MeerFly and Caprice successfully steal the match trophy and meet up with a Russian dealer on an airport tarmac to exchange the trophy for a duffle bag full of vape pens.

Weird? Yes...but hey it’s just a dream.

This is not the first time MeerFly and Caprice have collaborated. Days before ‘Lai Lah’ was released the duo dropped a self-produced track, ‘Koyak.’ He also announced on his Instagram that the income from the track will be donated directly to NGOs helping those suffering in Palestine.

Watch MeerFly’s Lai Lah below.