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K-Town Clan keeps it 100 percent true with ‘Makeya Badego’

It’s always all about the drums

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 11 Jun 2024

Straight outta the town of Kajang, Malaysia, the K-Town Clan has a hit on their hands with ‘Makeya Badego.’ Roshan Jamrock, Big Bo, and Dra-Vid join forces for a banger, that switches up in the middle and brings the house down.

Dra-Vid is up first and he floats on a relatively chill beat. As the chorus hits, the beat gets more intense as extra drums are added for the MC and dancers to get hyped to. On the second verse, Roshan and Big Bo trade lines back and forth in English and Malay. After the second verse, a pre-chorus comes in as an interpolation of Jermaine Edwards’ ‘Beautiful Day,’ and then as the second chorus comes in all hell breaks loose. Drummers are drummer. Dancers are dancing. Rave whistles are even blowing to add to the energy.

The video is a masterpiece directed by Vinoth Raj Pillai because the outfits match the background in every shot and he’s got a bunch of guests to join the K-Town Clan. In one of the slickest shots, ‘Makeya Badego’ pays homage to Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’ in one scene that smoothly transitions to Big Bo yelling, “Don’t stop/Get it/Get it” in the back of the crowd, then on a stairwell, then onto a rooftop where the rest of the Clan join him.

LiFTED talked with Roshan Jamrock about the video, “This song has a lot of meaning to it if you dive deeper into the lyrics. What makes it extra special is that the music video was shot by our fellow high schoolmate, Vinoth Raj Pillai, who directed one of our very first music videos "Give Em The Ughh!!!" That blew up as well. Fourteen years later, we worked together on 'Makeya Badego.' We must commend him for bringing the soul and lyrics of 'Makeya Badego' to life and it's not just pretty visuals, because every scene has meaning to us.

With over 100,000 views in 10 days, ‘Makeya Badego’ is taking over the airwaves, IGs, and TikToks in Malaysia. A big reason for that is the addition of the drums to the choruses. Great artists know when to add and take away from their songs. ‘Makeya Badego’ gets so crazy, that at the end of the video, all three rappers finish the song and then need to sit down and take a break because they are out of breath. That’s fitting for how people will feel when they finish dancing to this song in the clubs all summer long.

When asked if he knew the song would blow up, Roshan said, “We actually had zero expectations. We've been releasing tracks back to back and it came to a point where we just stopped thinking, ‘This is gonna blow up’ and started moving with the mindset of, ‘Let’s just make music we are proud of and that’s true to us and whatever happens, happens.’ Also, we have been doing this for a while to understand that things like this come and go, the ultimate goal is that the song and music video for 'Makeya Badego' will be played in years to come and the song lasts the test of time. That being said, we are truly grateful that people are vibing with 'Makeya Badego,' and perhaps through this song they will explore our previous tracks as well.”

Check out K-Town Clan’s ‘Makeya Badego’ below.