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Masiwei debuts brand new crew for ‘A Few Bad Chicks’

Young13dBaby, Fendighee Ricch, Cash Trippy, & YTH Chopie star on A Few Good Kids Records' first song

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 12 Jul 2021

Masiwei is a bonafide superstar out on his own away from the Higher Brothers. Now, he’s bringing some new blood along for the ride in ‘A Few Bad Chicks’ featuring Young13dBaby, Fendighee Ricch, Cash Trippy, and YTH Chopie. The song and video are out now on A Few Good Kids Records, Masiwei’s new record label.

Money, shopping, and cars - three things Rap videos can never get enough of - are featured prominently in ‘A Few Bad Chicks,’ but it’s really the rappers who are the focus. First up is Young13dBaby who comes out swinging with the lyrics as he gets multiplied everywhere on screen. Second on the scene is Fendighee Ricch, whose double-time flows show that he’s going to be one to watch in the future. Cash Trippy comes in after the hook and he’s got the Cruella di Ville hair, pink fur coat, and a few good punchlines. A blinged-out Masiwei shows up for the car scenes and instantly you know that he’s the leader of the pack. Finally, YTH Chopie arrives on a 4x4 ATV to take the song home.

Overall, the first release on A Few Good Kids Records doesn’t break any new ground thematically, but it does showcase some new rappers and get people hyped up for what's to come in the future from this crew and record label.

Check out Masiwei with Young13dBaby, Fendighee Ricch, Cash Trippy, and YTH Chopie on ‘A Few Bad Chicks’ below.